Sometimes, I write words.

On the Web:

Maximum PC: where i spend my days writing, editing, posting feature stories, reviewing product and acting as de facto social media manager.

Broke Ass Stuart: diy projects for the broke-ass and crafty.

PCWorld: where i spent my days writing reviews and the consumer advocacy column.

InfoWorld: For six months, I wrote the Mobile Pulse column which covered mobile and smart phones from an enterprise perspective.

Spinning Platters: I reviewed a Metric show for them. I’d like to do it again sometime.

500 Knives: is my Tumblr blog of things i see, things i hear, things i love, things i listen to.

Transcriptions from the Porch: was an early Blogger account which attempts to transcript hilarious drunken conversations that happened on an infamous front porch at a San Francisco apartment. This is probably only amusing if you were there, and even then, probably not so much.

In Print:

Maximum PC: newsstands.

Young, Broke and Beautiful: Broke-Ass Stuarts Guide to Living Cheaply: my DIY post on how to infuse your own vodka is included in Stu’s latest book, which you should buy for everyone you know.

16th & Mission Review: Find these at the unparalleled Viracocha or via publisher seven7h tangent.The Contender appears in No. 1 The Crackhead Heckle, Intersection appears in No. II Before the Spray, All Systems Go appears in No. VI Sodden…No More, Walking Home in the Land of the Lotus Eaters appears in No. VII Adrift Upon A Pond of Bricks, Alien Boys…appears in No. XI In too few hours…daylight,

Altered Barbie “A Date with Barbie”: There’s video of this performance somewhere too, and in my defense, one should never throw back a shot of absinthe like that. The Open Letter appears in the printed book (but you can read it if you click the “Look Inside!” link at Amazon).

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