Most Days

are lost in a rush and a push of move, move, move. i’ve been trying to slow things down. “Forcible relaxation.” i said and you said “you can’t force relaxation. just. chill.” i found a better way to phrase what i meant, but have forgotten it now.
So i sat in our large, blue bed and stare at the light changing behind the curtains while birds chirp in ways that make me remember 4 a.m.’s
i got caught in a rainstorm today, riding the scooter, soaked through my jeans in moments. few things are as unappealing as a wet motorcycle seat.
also, i bought earrings.

(blackbird bazaar)

which reminds me, i have an instagram account. which led me to getting an inkstagram account. i guess instagram is a hipster application now. i’m too old now to know when things are hip. i catch them on their way out. this happens with bands a lot too. i’m too old to apologize.
anyhow. the instagram thing was inspired by photojojo’s 365 photo project (one photo a day). i tried it for three days and then forgot and abandoned it. now, i’m trying to remember again. a dangerous task if there ever was one. keep an eye on me.

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