they’re gonna eat me alive, if i stumble

i think i had one of the best introductions to Metric -one hazy day last summer my bff had acquired two things: a red Ford Focus we call Betty Lou, and Metric’s cd Fanasties. we were driving north, windows down, headed towards a pitcher of watermelon tequilla drinks and a weekend of sunning ourselves with vampire novels in her parents backyard. “the cd i got from Amoeba is really good,” she says. “put it on” i tell her. roughly three and a half minutes later, Metric was officially on my to-do list. they were showing up on my radar screen in a major way. “help i’m alive, my heart keeps beating like a hammer?” are you fucking kidding me? awesome. and we’re singing along, speeding, finding a new Girl Rock Hero in Emily Haines.
so. when an old sweetheart gifted me with tickets to the Metric show at the gloriously redesigned Fox Theatre in Oakland, the first person I text is said BFF. And two short days later we whisked ourselves across the bay to see Ms.Haines & Co. whip the crowd into a sick dance party.
And how was the show? You ask.
Well, it was fuckin’ aces

mad scientist


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